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OREGON Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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All inclusive — Package #1 (without Nominee Director) — 690 USD

All inclusive — Package #2 (with Nominee Director) — 990 USD

Oregon with a highly diversified economy became the 33rd state of the United States of America on February 14, 1859; one year after the State Constitution was drafted and adopted by referendum.

Located just north of the state of California and on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Oregon has been able to avail itself of the emerging market in China, as well as the lucrative markets of South Korea, Japan and other Asian destinations. Its major exports both domestically and internationally have been traditionally forestry products, such as lumber, plywood and paper. These products remain vital to Oregon’s economy, but due to a number of negative factors, not the least of which was the restriction on the utilization of forests on Federal Lands, Industrial expansion and diversification were essential elements to the state’s economic policy.

Inexpensive hydroelectricity capacity utilizing Oregon vast water resource provided the state with a competitive advantage in new areas of Industrial production. Examples include primary and fabricated metals; transportation equipment, agricultural goods and food processing; fisheries and fish processing and later, high tech industries and computer equipment.

Companies formed in Oregon were typically incorporated under State Law, along with Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships for the small business sector. Recently the state enacted laws which enable a Limited Liability Company to be formed with the advantages of both Corporations and Partnership, but none of the complexities regarding formation, reporting a tax filing. The Oregon Limited Liability Company (LLC) is fast becoming a popular choice for a business entity.

Oregon Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)

If well structured, an Oregon LLC can be likened unto an Offshore International Business Company (IBC) registered in one of the traditional Offshore Tax Havens. It provides US Tax free income to non-resident aliens on profits derived from international business activities.

Owners of LLC’s are referred to as members as distinct from shareholders of a Corporation.

  • Members of an Oregon LLC are not liable to United States tax as long as
    • The members are US non-resident aliens.
    • The LLC does not employ US residents as permanent staff, or rely on a dedicated place of business within the United States.
    • The LLC does not undertake any business activity that is effectively connected with business or trade within the United States.
  • The LLC is not liable for US taxes. The members who are US residents are personally liable for taxes on their share of the income distribution.
  • An Oregon LLC protects its member’s personal assets from company debts and other liabilities (Limited Liability status).
  • The only document required for registration is the Articles of Organization, which must be filed with the local Secretary-of-State.

 In each of our packages, we provide Apostilled documents.

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