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UK Company Formation

UK Ltd. Company and UK Company

UK Company

All inclusive — UK Limited Company — Package #1 (without Nominee Director) — 530 USD

All inclusive — UK Limited Company — Package #2 (with Nominee Director) — 1030 USD

All inclusive — UK Limited Liability Partnership — Package #1 (without Nominee Director) — 690 USD

All inclusive — UK Low Tax Limited Company — Low Tax Structure — from 1548 USD

All inclusive — UK Limited Liability Partnership — Tax Free Structure — from 2763 USD


UK Facts at a glance

Location Northwestern coast of Europe; northwest of France, between the North Sea and North Atlantic, comprises Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Official Name The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Short Name: The United Kingdom; The UK
Capital London
Nationality British
Languages English
Population 62, 262,000
Head Of State Queen Elizabeth II
Head Of Government Prime Minister David Cameron
Ruling Party The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition
Next Elections (next to be held in 2015)
Currency Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$)
Exchange Rate 1 GBP = US$ 1.56
Time Zone (GMT + 0:00)

Doing business in this very competitive environment is made easier and more favorable when you use a UK limited company or UK limited liability partnership due to the lower corporation tax rate that UK companies enjoy in comparison to other companies registered in the EU zone.   To further increase the tax saving benefits of the UK ltd. company and the UK LLP, we have created a UK Low Tax Structure which comprises a UK ltd. company and an IBC as member, as well as a UK LLP Tax Free Structure made up of a UK LLP and two IBCs as the members.  Both UK entities have flexible structures features, while administrative, accounting and maintenance requirements can be simplified using our nominee and accounting/bookkeeping/company secretarial services.

UK Company Formation Advantages:

  • Affordable UK LLP and limited company formation prices and low annual fees
  • Efficient UK company incorporation;
  • Corporation tax in the UK is among the lowest in Europe;
  • Possibility of structuring UK low tax company structure with UK limited company and one offshore company; and UK tax free structure with UK LLP and two offshore companies
  • Simple UK company capital requirements (1p minimum share capital)
  • No capital requirements for UK LLP – capitalisation is left up to LLP members to decide
  • Nominee members or our service address can be used for privacy
  • Liability of members is limited to the assets of the UK limited company
  • Ownership of UK is not limited to UK residents; limited companies can be owned by foreign nationals
  • Zero capital duty imposed on capital contributed at time of UK company incorporation or whenever capital is increased

UK LLP Formation Advantages:

  • Minimum LLP formation requirements – minimum of two members to incorporate LLP
  • UK LLP’s are in effect partnerships with limited liability, created legally distinct from their members
  • Partnership Agreements of UK LLPs are unavailable to general public
  • Tax efficient entity, since the UK LLP is not liable to corporation tax and members only pay income tax
  • Tax on income is imposed on the basis of residence and location of trading activities
  • Beneficial owners may choose natural or legal persons as the members
  • Ownership of UK is not limited to UK residents; LLPs can be owned by both local and foreign nationals
  • Liability of members is limited to the assets of the UK limited company
  • No capital maintenance rules, hence allowing members of UK LLP to withdraw profits when accumulated profits are insufficient

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