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Why “Go Offshore”? — Offshore Investing ... not only!

Being an offshore service provider, we are always amazed by the diversity of the clients we are working with, seeking offshore investments and other offshore benefits. Clients originate from every part of the world and are of every conceivable political background and economic circumstance.

Protection of the business and assets from lawsuits is another strong reason for going offshore. In overly litigious societies however, citizens suspect that something is awry when damage awards have evolved into a source of revenue rather than a measure “to make plaintiffs whole.” The billions of dollars that lawsuits cost society annually may be calculated not only in terms of the damages, but also by the built-in costs that are passed to consumers by corporations which must maintain sizeable legal departments. That again forces businesses, individuals and certain professionals to move into a friendlier surrounding of offshore havens.

The increasing government presence in private lives of its citizens is another strong factor that makes individuals prefer offshore secrecy to their cozy domestic existence. Initially all filing and disclosing procedures had the good intentions of establishing order and served people in an efficient way. However there are always two sides to the coin and it came to the point that one can feel that government can monitor your every step. There is no such thing anymore as financial privacy. Governments are trying to cut economic liberty while regulating investment opportunities. So here again it appears that the best way is to put your investment somewhere remote and make your decision regardless of all rules and regulations.

People who go offshore can generally be described as being unsatisfied with tax rates, threats to their assets, invasion of their privacy and unavailability of diverse investment opportunities. People are looking forward to alternative solutions when they are not satisfied with their domestic realities. If one wants to find something in common among all these people, it is that all of them pay too much to make money.

The most obvious and direct offshore escape is the one from taxes. The majority of people in most countries understand that taxes are a way of civic responsibility. Most are willing to contribute to the development of the society they live in, if they see the positive impact of the money spent. However, the result is totally beyond their expectations. No one is happy to see how government uses the tax money for enlarging the bureaucracy machine and supporting obviously unprofitable projects. The displeasure and dissatisfaction grows when citizens realize, their government is overspending and this is pushing them to seek an alternative use for their funds offshore.

Solutions are available in offshore jurisdictions, which adopt legislation specifically to resolve these issues.

With the help of offshore service providers people learned how to reduce their taxes, protect their assets from lawsuits in secure and private offshore havens.

Going Offshore is not only a privilege for the “Rich”! The main and the most popular way to protect one’s assets and save on taxes is to register an offshore company (IBC) and open a bank account for it outside the country of usual residence.

We at # 1 Abacus — Offshore Company Registration Services Corporation will do our best to assist you in all your offshore investing and other needs, regardless of origin and wealth.