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Belize IBC

Belize Corporation

Belize Offshore Company


All inclusive — Belize IBC — Package #1 (without Nominee Director) — 1190 USD

All inclusive — Belize IBC — Package #2 (with Nominee Director) — 1490 USD

Belize facts at a glance

Location: Central America with its east coast on the Caribbean Sea
Capital: Belmopan
Commerce Centre: Belize City
Nationality: Belizean
Official Language: English (Spanish, Creole and Garifuna are also spoken)
Population: 314,500
Head Of State: Queen Elizabeth II
Head Of Government: Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow
Ruling Party: United Democratic Party or UDP
Next Election: 2013
Currency: Belize dollar (BZD)
Exchange rate: (Fixed Rate) BZD $1.00 = USD $0.50 or USD $1.00 = BZD $2.00
Time Zone: EST: ?1hr GMT: ?6hrs.
Political Status: Independent Democracy and member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The offshore world is highly competitive with many jurisdictions seeking the attention of the international business and investment community. The Belize IBC legislation, in an attempt to meet this challenge has had to be creative and flexible with features which make the process uncomplicated and efficient.

Belize Company Incorporation Advantages :

  • Competitive prices for incorporation and annual fees for a Belize IBC;
  • The incorporation process for Belize Offshore companies will not take longer than 3 working days;
  • A Belize offshore company is exempted from all taxes;
  • IBC Belize standard share capital is USD 50,000;
  • Standard share capital in excess of USD 50,000, may be declared in exchange for a higher annual fee;
  • The names of the shareholders and directors for Belize company are not a part of the public record;
  • Bearer shares are allowed for Belize company;
  • Minimum of one director and shareholder required for Belize incorporation;
  • To incorporate in Belize, the director(s) and the shareholder(s) can be a physical person or a company;
  • The director and the shareholder in a Belize company can be the same person;
  • There is no requirement to appoint a local person or any secretary for Belize companies;
  • The first director of the company is appointed at the organizational meeting of the Belize corporation;
  • For Belize corporations, there is no requirement to file any accounts or to provide annual audit reports;
  • The register of shares has to be kept and up to date;
  • A registered agent and a registered office are required;
  • Annual fees are due to be paid by the 31st of July, starting from the second year of incorporation and each subsequent year thereafter.
  • The Belize IBC cannot derive any income from activities in Belize;
  • The words "Limited", "Corporation", "Incorporated", "Society Anonyme" or "Sociedad Anonima" or "Aktiengesellschaft", or abbreviations thereof "Ltd.", "Corp." "Inc." or "S.A." or "A.S." or "A.G." has to be used as a corporate suffix of the Belize company.

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