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Anguilla Companies

Anguilla IBC and Anguilla LLC

Anguilla Offshore Company

All inclusive — Anguilla IBC — Package #1 (without Nominee Director) — 1190 USD

All inclusive — Anguilla IBC — Package #2 (with Nominee Director) — 1490 USD

All inclusive — Anguilla LLC — Package #1 (without Nominee Director) — 1190 USD

All inclusive — Anguilla LLC — Package #2 (with Nominee Director) — 1490 USD


Anguilla facts at a glance

Official Name Anguilla
Capital The Valley
Nationality Anguillan
Languages English
Population 14,800 (2010)
Ethnic Divisions Predominantly black (of African Descent) with small pocket of mixed, white and other ethnic groups
Government British Overseas Territory
Chief of State Queen Elizabeth II
Local Representation for Crown Governor Alistair Harrison
Legislative Branch Unicameral House of Assembly (11 seats; 7 members elected by direct popular vote, 2 ex officio members, and 2 appointed; members serve five-year terms
Head of Local Government Chief Minister Hubert Hughes (Anguilla United Movement or AUM)
Next Elections (next to be held in 2015)
Appointments The monarchy is hereditary; governor appointed by the monarch; following legislative elections, the leader of the majority party or the leader of the majority coalition usually appointed chief minister by the governor
Currency Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$)
Exchange Rate US$ 1.00 = EC$ 2.70
Time Zone winter EST or GMT — 4, summer EST +1 or GMT — 5
Phone Code Area code — 1, country code — 264, plus seven digit local number
Location Eastern Caribbean, the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles

Anguilla is one of the few tax havens worldwide with a fully integrated computerized companies registry, Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN). Through this offshore company registration system Anguilla offshore corporations IBC or LLC are formed within 24 hours. Anguilla has a highly trained and professional task force administering to offshore company formation and registration, who Play vital role in the offshore services sector providing, efficient company formation. Anguilla offshore companies law allows the formation of offshore international business companies (IBC or limited liability companies LLC. Use one of these tax free offshore companies to achieve tax efficient business, offshore banking and investment operations.

The Limited Liability Company Act, 2000 and the International Business Companies Act, 2000 are the two acts governing the operations of Anguilla offshore companies.

Anguilla Company Formation Advantages :

  • One of the lowest annual fees;
  • There is no requirement to disclose the beneficial owners of Anguilla companies to the registry;
  • Anguilla company may be limited by guarantee, shares or both;
  • Anguilla a company minimum share capital just US$ 100;
  • Anguilla company has no limit on the amount of the share capital (IBC);
  • registration and annual fees do not depend on the authorized share capital of the company;
  • share capital can be formed in any recognizable currency;
  • Anguilla companies may be formed by one incorporator, with sole shareholder, sole director or sole member (LLC);
  • Anguilla LLC can be structured with all four LLC features (recognized by US IRS), but can be formed with less; (free transferability of interest, centralized management, limited liability. Continuity of life)
  • corporate body can be director or shareholder or member of the Anguilla company;
  • one person can be a director and a shareholder of the Anguilla IBC;
  • there is no requirement for a secretary of the company;
  • there is no requirement for an annual audit;
  • no need to file accounts with the Registrar;
  • confidentiality is guaranteed by law;
  • register of directors’ names is not filed with the Registrar;
  • Name and Incorporation Documents can be in any language, but an English translation is required;
  • One doesn’t have to come to Anguilla to register a company;
  • Continuance in or out of Anguilla is permitted.

Note: No Anguilla company may be incorporated with an identical or similar name to an existing company. Words such as “Assurance”, “Bank”, “Royal”, “Trust”, “Fund” will require justification.

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